Retirement planning starts by estimating the income you’ll need to support your lifestyle and then subtract what you’ll receive from Social Security. The larger your benefits, the less you’ll need to withdraw from your retirement accounts.

By attending the Social Security POWr course you will learn what you need to know to help maximize your benefits.

It would be great if our Social Security benefits were structured in a way that would ensure that we received every penny possible. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The official Social Security Handbook contains 2,728 rules relating to these benefits. Their operations manual that explains these rules contains over 20,000 pages or the equivalent of about 14 copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. The more rules, the more complications, and a much greater chance that you won’t get all you could from your benefits.


In this course attendees will learn about Social Security retirement, spousal and survivor benefits and simple strategies available for maximizing all benefits. By attending, you will also learn how benefits are taxed and the different ways that Roth IRAs and your 401k and other employer sponsored retirement plans impact those taxes.


There is not one collection strategy that is best for everyone. Many factors must be considered such as a person’s objectives, health and lifestyle, in order to decide the best time to start collecting Social Security. The objective of this course is to provide attendees with essential knowledge of Social Security so that they can make informed decisions that are best under their specific circumstances.


  • How to maximize your Social Security payments
  • How your Social Security impacts your spouse
  • How to maximize survivor benefits
  • Benefits available to divorced spouses
  • How benefits are impacted by continued employment
  • The connection between benefits and your retirement plans
  • Taxation of benefits and how to be tax wise about Social Security


Registered attendees receive the interactive Retirement POWr workbook. Throughout the Social Security POWr course, this workbook is referenced and attendees are encouraged to complete sections with the information they have learned. Upon completion of the course, this workbook becomes a simple but valuable resource that attendees can refer to as they make decisions regarding their Social Security benefits.


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