Maximize Your Social Security Payments

Christian Baldino

Learn How To Protect Your Benefits

The present value of your future Social Security benefits may be more than the value of your home. Let us help you maximize the potential payments you receive from the government. Take our our course to learn about retirement, spousal and survivor benefits, and ways to maximize Social Security's total lifetime benefit.

Course Topics Include:
  • • Retirement Benefits 101
  • • Spousal Benefits
  • • Divorced Spouses
  • • Surviving Spouses
  • • Minimizing Taxes
Christian Baldino

Christian is the author of "The New Retirement Plan," a guide to helping retirees understand the challenges they face at this stage in their financial life. This guide steers retirees through the often confusing "sea of financial information." He has taught adult education classes in retirement planning and mutual fund investing and has provided planning and investment product guidance to various Fortune 500 employees.

Free Course Workbook

Registered attendees receive the interactive Retirement POWr workbook. Throughout the Social Security POWr course, this workbook is referenced and attendees are encouraged to complete sections with the information they have learned. Upon completion of the course, this workbook becomes a simple but valuable resource that attendees can refer to as they make decisions regarding their Social Security benefits


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  1. The average home value in Florida in 2021 was estimated at $293,050 by Neighborhood Scout -
  2. The average lump sum value of Social Security for a male in 2014 was $280,000 according to Michael Kitces -

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